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Pétur Þór Ragnarsson

For the first five years of my life I lived in small town in the South of Iceland called Hvolsvöllur. If you are indeed thinking of coming to Iceland on photo tour you are very likely to pass through this small town of only about 1000 inhabitants. My family then moved to Reykjavík where we have been ever since.  First after we moved to the city we lived in small apartment in a large house down town Reykjavík which my grandmother owned. In the same house there was a camera repair workshop that I think first got me intrigued in photography.

I however did little to nothing to foster this notion until later in life.

I’m at home when I’m outside negotiating the elements. I spent a big part of my life on bicycle battling them all year round and I still love to go out for a ride to get the heart pounding and unclutter my head.

After graduating from the Technical college of Iceland I became Christopher Lund’s apprentice and have also worked on numerous movie and photo productions for Icelandic production companies including Game of Thrones, Asics campaign, Dom Perignon campaign in assisting jobs or as a local guide.

My true passion is in the outdoors and that lead me to landscape photography and to guiding other photographers on photo tours. I’m 37 years young and I live right down town Reykjavík with my 10 year old son and girlfriend Sigríður Dröfn.

Don't hesitate to contact me if I can help you in any way.


Facebook / petur@peturthor.com

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